Herman's Hermits: Their Greatest Hits


Herman's Hermits: Their Greatest Hits
Track Listing:
1. Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter
2. No Milk Today
3. End Of The World
4. This Door Swings Both Ways
5. Just A Little Bit Better
6. I'm Henry The VIII, I Am
7. There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World
8. Silhouettes
9. I'm Into Something Good
10. Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
11. Dandy
12. (What A) Wonderful World
13. Hold On
14. Listen People
15. Leaning On A Lamp Post
16. A Must To Avoid

Album Review by Bruce Eder, AllMusic.com
When it first appeared on CD around 1987, this 16-song compilation was easy to justify, as there are no other domestic compilations of the group's work and imported CDs were difficult to come by. And it isn't bad, as far as it goes — encompassing all of the significant American chart singles and their most recognizable songs. This disc is probably the most easily available Herman's Hermits CD that there is, and it could be the place to start and finish with the group as far as any awareness of their popularity goes. Over the years, however, EMI in England has issued far more generous and better-sounding collections of the group's work, with the result that Their Greatest Hits is no longer competitive on that level, nor is it remotely the place to get the fullest account of the group's range, which went considerably beyond AM radio hits. EMI's The Very Best of Herman's Hermits offers more songs (and better sound) at a lower price, and any of the Repertoire Records reissues of their albums, though the hits aren't all represented, will give the listener a fuller account of the group's full capabilities, which were highly underrated.

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