Remember Me Baby: Cameo Parkway Vocal Groups Vol. 1

There are collectors...and then there are 'doo wop' collectors, which is why we have dedicated our first Cameo Parkway compilation to the fantastic vocal groups who recorded for the label. All of these (except the Rays track and the two Roommates tracks, which we HAD to include) are from the original tapes, and only one track (the Lydells’ 'There Goes the Boy', which again we felt was a must) has ever been out on CD at retail before. 24 tracks...on your marks, doo wop fans!

Track Listing:
1. Let It Please Be You - Rick And The Masters
2. Three Coins In The Fountain - The Skyliners
3. The Mountains - The Sequins
4. There Goes The Boy - The Lydells
5. I Don't Want Your Love - Rick And The Masters
6. Short On Bread - The Dovells
7. I Laughed So Hard - The Defenders
8. Sandra Baby - The Gleems
9. Golden Rings - The Turbans
10. Sunday Kind Of Love - The Roommates
11. Tears In My Heart - The Impacs
12. Remember Me Baby - Billy And The Essentials
13. Did You Ever Get My Letter? - The Tymes
14. When You Dance - The Turbans
15. Raining Teardrops - The Anglos
16. You Must Be An Angel - The Gainors
17. Turn Out The Lights - Pookie Hudson And The Spaniels
18. Gee, But I'm Lonesome - Lee Andrews
19. Everyone But You - The Skyliners
20. Triangle - The Rays
21. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening - The Roommates
22. Flame Of Love - Rick And The Masters
23. To Cry - The Expressions
24. Down By The Ocean - The Exceptions

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