User privacy is an issue of the utmost importance to ABKCO, our partners, and the email marketing industry. Here at ABKCO we know that your privacy is important to you and we promise to respect it. Our commitment is to provide you with an exciting and informative e-mail experience while simultaneously safeguarding your privacy online. We never sell, barter, or trade any information about your visit to our client’s web sites. The success of our business depends upon our ability to maintain the trust of the people who view our product. In order to maintain this trust, Abkco strongly advocates the use of permission marketing techniques and refuses to work with companies who deploy unsolicited commercial email (SPAM).

Our privacy policy below explains our views on the subject and our e-mail practices. We recommend you read it. Please check on a regular basis, as our privacy policy and e-mail practices may change to reflect changes in related legislation or to provide better service to our marketing partners.


Viewing an ABKCO web commercial does not enable us to collect any personal information from or about the individual viewing the ABKCO web commercial. We are a creative design and marketing service provider. We do not attempt or desire to obtain in depth personal information about the individuals to whom we have been directed to target our marketing service without first securing their informed permission. Usually, our marketing partner provides Abkco with the e-mail list and in some instances a limited amount of personal information about intended recipients, to ensure that the Campaign is accurately directed to those individuals interested in receiving the specific type of marketing information we are providing. In some marketing campaigns, the recipient has the opportunity to communicate with Abkco or our marketing partner, and the ABKCO web commercial may serve as the interface through which the recipient would provide that information. In those instances, the recipient will determine the type and amount of information provided in response to an offer, survey, application, etc. Any information collected by ABKCO in this manner will be securely protected and made a ABKCO label exclusively to the party to whom the information was submitted. ABKCO will not compile, disclose or resell this information. We are committed to protecting all of the information we collect and the privacy of everyone who enjoys a ABKCO web commercial. We have taken extensive measures to safeguard our computer systems and servers, and all ABKCO employees operate to handle all information in a secure and professionally responsible manner.

SPAM and Opt-Out

We do not intentionally distribute, condone or encourage Spamming practices and only work with clients who have validated “opt-in” lists. Furthermore, we request that all our clients respect and adhere to this policy and strictly conform to all State and Federal “Spam” legislation. Every ABKCO marketing campaign requires our marketing partners to contractually agree that both parties will use their mutual best efforts to ensure the Campaign results in a positive e-mail experience for all recipients receiving a ABKCO web commercial. ABKCO also provides users with the opportunity to unsubscribe or opt-out of receiving future communications from a client with a single click. Our strict anti-SPAM policy is one more way that ABKCO further ensures your privacy.


In order to make a purchase directly from the body of the email, some of our ABKCO web commercials will incorporate online registration or order forms which will include demographic and payment information. This information that is input by you is sent directly and securely to the merchant’s e-commerce engine.


In some ABKCO web commercials, the viewer will be able to request that his/her name be added to a list of individuals interested in receiving other ABKCO web commercials in the future. This list may be shared with our marketing partners in the future. We will then send you ABKCO web commercials about various products and services, but we will never release any of your personal information to any third party or marketing partner. You will have the opportunity to remove your name from this list at any time, and you can also easily send us an email at and your name will be immediately removed from the mailing list.


While ABKCO is committed to helping you enjoy a positive e-mail experience and safeguarding your privacy, ABKCO cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted over the Internet, and you do so at your own risk. Further, our marketing partners have separate privacy and data collection practices that may be different or less protective than ours.

ABKCO disclaims any responsibility or liability for our marketing partners independent information handling policies, and we recommend you are careful and responsible when providing personal information while interacting with any third party while online.


Any questions regarding our product, company, services or information practices should be directed to