I Love You, Beth Cooper (Music From The Motion Picture)
  • Track Listing
    • 1. "Forget Me - Violet Columbus"
    • 2. "Try It Again - The Hives"
    • 3. "Come Out Of The Shade - The Perishers"
    • 4. "Sway - The Kooks"
    • 5. "Last Kiss (Score Track) - Christophe Beck"
    • 6. "Catch Me If You Can - Gym Class Heroes"
    • 7. "Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast - Airbourne"
    • 8. "A Good Idea At The Time - OK Go"
    • 9. "Beth Cooper Suite (Score Track) - Christophe Beck"
    • 10. "Beth - Kiss"
    • 11. "Cruisin' - Smokey Robinson"
    • 12. "Who Knew? (Score Track) - Christophe Beck"
    • 13. "Feels Like The First Time - Foreigner"
    • 14. "School's Out - Alice Cooper"
    • 15. "Forget Me - Eleni Mandell"

I Love You, Beth Cooper (Music From The Motion Picture), the soundtrack from the hilarious Twentieth Century Fox comedy features tracks by Gym Class Heroes, Kiss, Foreigner, The Kooks, Alice Cooper, OK GO, The Hives, Smokey Robinson, Airbourne, The Perishers and a brand spankin’ new track “Forget Me” by L.A.’s popular singer/songwriter Eleni Mandell. The soundtrack also features several songs from the score, composed by Christopher Beck, the Emmy Award-winning composer (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) whose scores have been heard in such films as License to Wed and The Pink Panther.

I Love You Beth Cooper, starring Hayden Panettiere (HEROES) and Paul Rust, follows a nerdy valedictorian (Rust) who proclaims his love for the most popular girl in school, Beth Cooper (Panettiere), during his speech at graduation. Much to his surprise, Beth shows up at his door that very night and decides to show him the best night of his life!