Medora (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • Track Listing
    • 1. "Consolidated Blues" - Bobby Emmett and Patrick Keeler
    • 2. "Shadow of Love" - Bobby Emmett
    • 3. "Old Medora" - Bobby Emmett and Patrick Keeler
    • 4. "Rusty Kicked Out" - Bobby Emmett and Patrick Keeler
    • 5. "Rusty Picks Up Mom" - Bobby Emmett and Patrick Keeler
    • 6. "Never Take Me Alive" - Bobby Emmett
    • 7. "Shaking Ghosts" - Joe LaPaglia
    • 8. "Encoded Flow Ft. Kadence" - Dabrye
    • 9. "Moment To Myself" - Harlan
    • 10. "The Real World" - Chris Bathgate
    • 11. "Almost Home" - Joe LaPaglia
    • 12. "Ride To Columbus" - Bobby Emmett and Patrick Keeler
    • 13. "Columbus Game" - Bobby Emmett and Patrick Keeler
    • 14. "The Firetruck" - Bobby Emmett and Patrick Keeler
    • 15. "Strawflower's Waltz" - Chris Bathgate
    • 16. "Small Town" - The Press Delete
    • 17. "Crothersville Game" - Bobby Emmett
    • 18. "Lighthouse Gam" - Bobby Emmett

Medora (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), the music from the acclaimed documentary film that chronicles how a high school basketball team embodies both the hope and despair of a small Indiana town. The Medora Hornets play their hearts out in what had once been a booming rural community with a thriving middle class but now, in the wake of the wholesale demise of factories and farms, is a town struggling for survival.

The music heard in the film’s soundtrack mirrors the compelling narrative with a range of edgy pieces composed and performed by Bobby Emmett and Patrick Keeler.

Keeler, a drummer from Cincinnati, is best known for his work with The Greenhornes and The Raconteurs. He has collaborated with a diverse cross section of musicians over the course of his career including Loretta Lynn, Eric Burdon, Butch Walker, The Dirtbombs, and Holly Golightly. Prior to his work on Medora, he scored music for Broken Flowers, the critically acclaimed film from director Jim Jarmusch.

Emmett originally played keyboards in the Detroit band The Sights who toured with such acts as Guided by Voices, Robert Plant, The Donnas, The Dirtbombs, The Kills and others. He was a member of Shooter Jennings’ band, touring with such acts such as Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Roger Daltry and Alice In Chains. Now based in Nashville, he has played on several albums produced by the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach and has released two solo albums.

The Medora soundtrack also includes tracks from Cincinnati-based singer/songwriter Joe LaPaglia, IDM pioneer Dabrye, electronica practitioners Harlan, indie folk singer Chris Bathgate and Grand Rapids’ indie rock band the Press Delete.