When A Boy Falls In Love
    • 1. "Time Of Young Love"
    • 2. "We’ll Bless Each Day With Our Love"
    • 3. "So Wonderful"
    • 4. "When I Fall In Love"
    • 5. "Twelfth Of Never"
    • 6. "Why I Call Her Mine "
    • 7. "When A Boy Falls In Love"
    • 8. "Hold Me"
    • 9. "For Your Love"
    • 10. "Wonderful Love"
    • 11. "After The Parting The Meeting Is Sweeter "
    • 12. "You Can Count On Me"
    • 13. "When A Boy Falls In Love (Single Version)" (CD/Digital Bonus Track)
    • 14. "So Wonderful (Single Version)" (CD/Digital Bonus Track)

Mel Carter’s debut album, originally released in 1963 on Sam Cooke’s SAR Records/Derby label, is back in print. Produced by Sam Cooke and J.W. Alexander, the album includes songs written by Cooke and Alexander as well as some pop standards and “Why I Call Her Mine,” a Mel Carter original composition that would be issued as a single in 1963. Mel was considered one of the 10 Best Newcomer Male Vocalists of 1963 by Cash Box, he performed “When A Boy Falls In Love” on numerous TV shows including Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. The title track “When a Boy Falls in Love” spent 10 weeks on the pop chart and the album was originally awarded 4-stars by Billboard. R&B scholar Bill Dahl contributed liner notes after speaking with Carter, enhancing the otherwise faithfully restored original package.