Celebrate Halloween With John Zacherle’s Monster Mash/Scary Tales


The perfect soundtrack for Halloween night!


Grab a gruesome twosome of vintage albums from the Cool Ghoul himself, the original TV horror host, John Zacherle! The first of these albums hit #44 on the charrts, as it boasts Zach’s Top Ten Hit, ‘Dinner with Drac’, but his sleeve notes are worth the price of admission alone—and these come to you in original “scareo!”

Monster Mash/Scary Tales
  1.  Monster Mash
  2. Hurry Bury Baby
  3. Let’s Twist Again (Mummy Time Is Here)
  4. I’m The Ghoul From Wolverton Mountain
  5.  Gravy (With Some Cyanide)
  6.  Popeye (The Gravedigger)
  7.  Limb From Limbo Rock
  8. Weird Watusi
  9.  Pistol Stomp
  10. Dinner With Drac Pt. 1
  11. The Ha-Ha-Ha
  12. The Bat
  13. Scary Tales (From Mother Goose) (Version One)
  14.  A-Tisket A-Casket
  15. Hansel And Gretel
  16.  Clementine
  17. Happy Halloween
  18.  Monster Monkey
  19. The Spider And The Fly
  20.  A-B-C
  21.  Little Red Riding Hood
  22.  Surfboard 1-0-9
  23. Dear, Dear Valentine
  24. Scary Tales (From Mother Goose) (Version Two) *
  25. Scary Tales (From Mother Goose) (Version Three) *
  26.  Igor *
  27. Dinner With Drac Pt. 2 *

* Bonus Tracks