Endless Poetry (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Available to stream, download, and purchase on vinyl.

15 of the 19 tracks on Endless Poetry (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) are composed and performed by Alejandro’s son Adan Jodorowsky (aka Adanowsky), who also stars in the film, portraying his own father as a young man.

Multi-instrumentalist composer/arranger Jon Handelsman contributed four songs to the soundtrack. Born in New York, the saxophonist/flutist/clarinetist currently lives in Paris and leads the 11-piece l’Orchestre de la Lune. He has worked with Manu Dibango and Arthur H. among others and contributed to The Dance of Reality score. “Sueño sin fin” was composed and arranged by both Handelsman and Alejandro Jodorowsky (the filmmaker’s own contribution to Endless Poetry (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).


1. Matucana – Adan Jodorowsky

2. Verde – Adan Jodorowsky

3. Gateau et violin – Jon Handelsman

4. Cadeau – Jon Handelsman

5. Maricon – Adan Jodorowsky

6. Hermanas cereceda – Adan Jodorowsky

7. Ricardo y Alejandrito beso – Adan Jodorowsky

8. Diablo al alma – Adan Jodorowsky

9. Robo a la luz de la luna – Adan Jodorowsky

10. Café Iris Street – Adan Jodorowsky

11. Stella and Alejandro – Adan Jodorowsky

12. Los mineros – Adan Jodorowsky

13. Ya no soy virgen – Adan Jodorowsky

14. God Doesn’t Exist – Adan Jodorowsky

15. Casa de enrique – Adan Jodorowsky

16. Los mendigos sagrados – Adan Jodorowsky

17. Me voy – Adan Jodorowsky

18. Si jamais – Jon Handelsman

19. Sueño sin fin* – Jon Handelsman