The Holy Mountain (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Holy Mountain (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
1. Trance Mutation
2. Pissed And Passed Out
3. Violence Of The Lambs
4. Drink It
5. Christs 4 Sale
6. Cast Out And Pissed
7. Eye Of The Beholder
8. Communion
9. Rainbow Room
10. Alchemical Room
11. Tarot Will Teach You/Burn Your Money
12. Mattresses, Masks & Pearls
13. Isla (The Sapphic Sleep)
14. Psychedelic Weapons
15. Rich Man In A Fishbowl
16. Miniature Plastic Bomb Shop
17. Fuck Machine
18. Baby Snakes
19. A Walk In The Park
20. Mice And Massacre
21. City Of Freedom
22. Starfish
23. The Climb/Reality (Zoom Back Camera)
24. Pantheon Bar (Bees Make Honey…)


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The Holy Mountain (Original Motion Picture...